Pray for our Campus Missionaries

These are prayer requests our Campus Missionaries have asked us to share publicly. Please join us in praying for these things!

Scott Westfall, Missouri Valley College


Please pray for our ministry and our interns this summer. We have 3 weeks of camps we are helping with and 2 1/2 weeks of mission opportunities that we are helping lead. Also trying to help bridge the gap between churches and students all while looking for creative ways to raise ministry funds.

Kale Uzzle, University of Missouri St. Louis:

Pray for a new church partner at UMSL that has a lot of vision and willingness to stick with us for the long-haul.

Kyle Rapinchuk, College of the Ozarks:

Pray for wisdom as we prepare for the fall semester with a lot of uncertainty due to COVID-19 as well as changes at the college. Please also pray for effective ministry over the summer as we will continue to meet weekly online through Facebook premiere worship gathering and Zoom call.

Aaron Werner, Crowder College

This is an interesting time for a new beginning all around. Please pray for our students, their anxiety, and fear regarding everything that is happening and for what BSU ministry will look like in the Fall.

Chris Wilson & Levi Springfield (apprentice), Missouri State University

Pray for our students over the summer. We have a plan for our summer missionaries. Pray that the work they do this summer is fruitful and beneficial for their personal growth. We also have a plan to do a summer Bible study this summer to stay connected with those that are still here.

Reese Hammond, Southeast Missouri State University:

Please pray for our twin boys who have yet to be born. They have been diagnosed with TAPS and we have to go to St. Louis weekly for Dr. appointments. Please pray that the Lord will heal them. Also pray that the Lord will save the 3 or so people that I am working with.

Greg Xander, Truman State University

To keep being a voice of hope in Jesus especially now before the dawn has come in this time.

Timothy & Teresa Toolen, Maryville University:

School is over and our son Thomas was very much looking forward to his first summer with the youth on two trips and also 2.5 weeks at summer camp. With all of the virus stuff most everything is cancelled. We are going to be looking for some things for him to do this summer online. He is a good kid and is taking it in stride but he is sad. Also I was planning on going on the Canada mission trip and that has also been cancelled.

Jon Smith, Missouri Southern State University:

Pray that students will have a great summer and come back in the fall excited about ministry, missions and outreach. Pray that we’ll master the new skills necessary to dominate a digital ministry platform without sacrificing any of our physical ministry momentum.

Christina Boatright, North Central Missouri College:

A praise – the doctor told my dad that he is doing better than they thought! So no surgery right now! Praise the Lord! Another praise – my mom’s cancer is gone for sure, her test over the last 6 months showed that the surgery and radiation worked and she can officially be in remission now. Please continue to pray for their health. Pray for my two summer missionaries this will be a unique summer unlike many before! Pray as the BSU ministry here transitions to is own full operating entity that all goes smoothly and our DOM is leaving this summer so please pray for a college ministry supporter to replace him!

Bruce Wade, Missouri S&T:

Please, pray for me, my wife, and my medical team as I’m having extensive back surgery on June 9.

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University:

Please pray for our student leaders as they meet with their life group co-leaders for prayer and accountability throughout the summer, that they will be encouraged and united as a team to lead their groups in the fall. Also please be praying for several small group gatherings (‘Challenge Villages’) that are starting up the first week of June-that they will grow in Christ and begin reaching out to recent high school grads even this summer.

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