Opportunities Overview

You are the future. What kind of future will you be?

You have your whole future ahead of you. You can either be a generation of students that shapes the future with the good news of Jesus or a generation that stands by as the next generation of students after you are swept away by the world. Give a summer, give a year, give two years, give a lifetime to making disciples and catalyzing impact everywhere you go.

Go and Make

We want to see every college student go and making disciples during and after their college years. The Great Commission isn’t an option; it’s a command given by the one who has ALL authority in heaven and on earth! GO! opportunities are a chance to go and make disciples right here in Missouri, impacting the next generation students who come after you.

Go Now…and Keep Going for a Lifetime!

Disciple-making doesn’t end after college. We want to see you making an impact wherever you go, whatever you do. GO! opportunities provide foundational training, experience, and skills that will assist you in a lifetime of following Jesus and making disciples. Plus, you never know if God might lead you to continue ministering in a collegiate environment for years to come!

Be Part of a Movement

We want to see a movement of multiplication gaining momentum across the state of Missouri. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. GO! opportunities are a chance for you to play YOUR part in the story that God is writing here in Missouri and beyond. By participating in a GO! opportunity, you’re helping us gain momentum and multiply impact.

Go! 1 Year Internship

Give a year after you graduate to serve as a collegiate ministry intern. You’ll be equipped to start a community on mission wherever you go.

Go! 2 Year Apprenticeship

Think God may be calling YOU to start a college ministry or serve on staff with one? Become a 2-year apprentice and get equipped to respond to that calling.

Go! Summer Missions

Spend your summer being mentored and making disciples in your community, at camps, doing disaster relief, assisting a pastor...The possibilities are endless.