Prayer Requests

Pray for Christina Boatright – 12/1/22

Pray for Ariel- the girl we are praying and hoping will give her life to Christ! Pray for my dad- his illness causes him severe nose bleeds that are really scary for

Pray for Reese Hammond – 11/22/22

Pray for our continued leadership development in the ministry and for the international students we will be losing and gaining in the semester transition. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a

Pray for Marita Avilez – 11/20/22

Pray for Tanisha, a girl from Nepal, who is seeking and has started to meet with 2 of our students to go through The Gospel Primer book. Did you pray for these

Pray for Scott Westfall – 11/15/22

Pray for us as we are ending the semester by equipping students to share the Gospel. Please pray that our students would see a harvest and be faithful to have conversations. Pray

Pray for Heather Murray – 11/15/22

Pray for two SLU international students from India who lost their lives in a drowning and an attempt at a rescue. Pray for a former WUSTL international student from Japan, now researching

Pray for Greg Xander – 11/1/22

Pray for us that as the year goes on we will keep pushing to be pioneers – not settlers. Pray that we keep being motivated out of God’s love for us to

Pray for Aaron Werner – 11/1/22

Pray for one of our softball players as she has a huge heart for her team to come to salvation or to come back to Christ. Several of her teammates are lukewarm

Pray for Stedman Valentine – 11/1/22

Pray for us as we are doing D-Group Interviews now. Pray that the Lord would bring men and women who are passionate about discipleship and presevere in the face of disappointment and

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 11/1/22

Pray for my son Thomas who is very involved in music and band at his high school and our church.  Pray for strength and wisdom as he decides his career path for

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 11/1/22

Pray as we make plans for the next semester. We had to scale back on some things this fall because of family health, but we are hoping to expand some new ministry