Prayer Requests

Pray for Chris Wilson – 4/30/22

Pray for laborers to help us share the gospel on campus. Pray for Trey, Brock, Armon, Kevon, and Harry that they would come to saving faith in Jesus. Did you pray for

Pray for Scott Westfall – 4/22/22

Pray that we end well as BCM ends the semester. We are having a final service next week with a couple of finals events the next. We hope to continue discipling many

Pray for Reese Hammond – 4/21/22

Pray for our students to grow immensely over the summer and come back as strong laborers in the Fall. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 4/1/22

Pray for our students. This year has been one of enormous change and challenge on our campus. College of the Ozarks is currently hiring a new president, and feelings are universally strong

Pray for Clint Mahan – 4/1/22

Pray for our ministry on April 27th.  We are having a P3 event – Pizza, Praise, Prayer. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary

Pray for Christina Boatright -4/1/22

Pray for my Dad – his doctors believe his cancer is back, but figuring out where and next course of actions is what we are in need of prayer for. Pray for

Pray for Greg Xander – 4/1/22

Pray for our students to have prayer support as they are in the real moments and conversations with others who do not trust God. Pray that we keep trying to be pioneers

Pray for Aaron Werner – 4/1/22

Pray for student leaders here and around the state. They sacrifice so much in order to help our ministries. Pray that we as leaders don’t take them for granted and overburden them

Pray for Clint Mahan – 3/21/22

Pray for our ministry as we are starting a football study on Friday afternoons this week at Lincoln.   Pray for us also as we begin to prepare for a praise and worship

Pray for Clint Mahan – 2/22/22

Pray for our upcoming MBC student retreat and then a Spring Break mission to LA from March 5-12. We are also waiting to hear back from a few coaches about team building