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Pray for Jason Yarnell – 7/20/21

We have a big kitchen remodel project going on at the Lighthouse. One key aspect requires a doorway be cut in a cement wall. Please pray that our concrete guy finds the

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 7/19/21

The plans for the campus for the fall are still very unclear, so I am having a lot of difficulty knowing how to plan. Please pray for clarity, wisdom, and confidence in

Pray for Carson Conover – 7/19/21

Please pray for fall outreach at Blue River and Longview Community Colleges. Specifically, pray: For the Lord to give us favor with faculty and staff. For God’s leading and empowerment.  That we

Pray for Jon Smith – 7/16/21

Pray that I’ll be able to finish my book before the school year starts and that the Lord will give me wisdom regarding the publication process. I think I can write fairly

Olivia Helm Quote
Summer Missions

Saying Yes To God – Olivia Helm

Olivia is a senior at Campbellsville University in Kentucky studying Educational Ministries with a minor in Music. She is serving as a summer missionary with Campus Missionary Scott Westfall in Marshall, MO,

Joseph Ransom – 7/10/21

Pray for me as I will be meeting with the leadership of OTC Richwood Valley to discuss the opportunity of returning to campus in the fall. Did you pray for these requests?

Pray for Paul Damery – 7/10/21

Pray for our student leaders to get refreshed and excited for fall ministry outreach on campus. Also, please pray for our campus as there is still much transition going on there in

Chris Wilson – 7/8/21

Pray for the new guys on our staff as we plan and pray for the new school year. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus

Jerome Stockert – 7/8/21

Pray that we connect with as many incoming freshmen as we can. We have had area churches and parent connect with us regrading incoming freshmen. That has been good. Currently we are