Kale Uzzle - University of Missouri - St. Louis
Kale Uzzle - University of Missouri - St. Louis

Kale Uzzle

University of Missouri - St. Louis

Mission Statement:
“The Union” longs to see the university and surrounding neighborhoods transformed by the Gospel and students sent as missionaries to reach the campus, city, and world.
Tell us about your journey to becoming a Campus Missionary:
I was a member of an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter at Saint Louis University during my time in undergrad. It was through that ministry that I first felt called to investing my life in college campuses. I spent nine years serving with InterVarsity before I sensed the Lord calling me to invest in partnering with local churches to see UMSL more deeply impacted by the Gospel. That calling brought me into relationship with MBC and the churches connected to the convention.
What do you love about doing ministry on your campus?
UMSL is a thoroughly Missouri school with about 87% of students coming from within the state. It is deeply embedded in the institutions of Saint Louis which means that doing ministry with students and faculty here has the potential to profoundly transform the entire city in the next generation. I love knowing that “The Union” is doing Kingdom work among students who will likely plant deep roots in the neighborhoods, businesses, and churches of our city.

Tell us about yourself and your family:
Emily and I have been married for almost five years now and last August we welcomed Wren into our family as well. We have a ninety-pound lab/monster named Shef too so it's a pretty full little apartment here on the South side. We love being outside as a family so you can often find us in Tower Grove Park or hiking outside the city. As far as sports go, we're both constantly cheering on our teams from afar as Emily is an avid Duke Basketball fan and I am a big Atlanta Braves fan.
What do you hope to see happen on your campus/within your ministry in the next few years?
I want to see a movement of students deeply embedded in the local churches surrounding UMSL and having profound Kingdom impact on their classmates, professors, and the surrounding neighborhoods near the campus. I want to see them graduate and choose to stay in the city to invest their vocations in seeing every corner of Saint Louis transformed by Jesus.
What are some of the things your ministry does?
“The Union” will have weekly Bible studies and will be working hard to connect students deeply into the life of a handful of churches in the surrounding communities near campus.