Leadership Development Wins June 202

Every month, our Campus Missionaries fill out reports on how God is working in and through their ministries. These answers are taken from their June reports with their permission.

What was your greatest leadership development win this month?

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University

I’m really excited about the staff team of 7 (including Jala and me) the Lord has brought together for the fall. We’ve met a couple of times already to plan and pray, and I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store. Each staff member (and several student leaders) is involved this summer in leading one of the four ‘Challenge Villages’ that are meeting each week. These villages are co-ed Bible study fellowships that are meeting in four different homes on four different days throughout the week. Although we’re not meeting as one large group, there have been over 40 people involved in these groups already. We have seen some new faces and have already been able to connect with a few freshmen through this ministry. Praise the Lord!

Christina Boatright, North Central Missouri College

Trinity will be on leadership this fall. This summer she is working as a summer missions intern. She’s willing to lead in many different ways at different places whether it’s traditional VBS teaching children or non traditional teaching music two times a week in a poor community, or helping our other summer missionary hand out children’s VBS gospel bags. She also took chances sharing the gospel with essential workers. She also is doing her best to mentor others this summer also. 

Greg Xander, Truman State University

One of our leadership students is going to just work this fall at Walmart more hours and then give his time to BSU. This week he shared he is going to take one more day off extra each week to be a part of what BSU is doing instead of working the extra day to earn and save more money.

Levi Springfield (apprentice), Missouri State University

When gathering with students for events, cooking meals for them, or bringing them with to play Disc Golf, I have been trying to make prayer a more significant aspect of each of these functions. That way my students and I can see each moment is an opportunity to speak to God and that our first response should be to turn to prayer. 

Heather Murray, Washington University

I attended the ACMI Conference (Association of Christians Ministering Among International Students). I really appreciated all of the learned material which can be used within international student ministry. It’s also helping me frame some of the content I am creating for teaching material.

Aaron Werner, Crowder College

Our camping trip ended being a success thanks to a few good student leaders that planned and organized it all. It was set up that in case I couldn’t go, they could be in charge. It’s provided me with confidence to know that I have students capable of leading if I’m not there.

Kyle Rapinchuk, College of the Ozarks

I have continued discipling and training both Landon and our worship leader, Andrew, during the COVID shutdown. These have been fruitful times and I’m praying that they have strong and united leadership as we enter the fall semester.

Kale Uzzle, University of Missouri – St. Louis

I’ve been coaching some local church staff. It’s been encouraging to watch them find creative ways to engage with students right now and equip their volunteers, especially with the uncertain future on campus.

Jon Nelson, Lincoln University

My most significant leadership development ‘win’ this month has been letting our students continue to develop our fall strategy and how it will work out on campus. This is HUGE shift for our student and there want to lead forward in our ministry.

Carson Conover, Blue River and Longview Community Colleges

I’m still meeting weekly with two student leaders (Emma and Jonah) to coach them as they lead their discipleship groups through the Global Project this summer. They are leading their discipleship groups on a weekly basis.



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