Missional Living Wins June 20

Each month, our Campus Missionaries fill out reports on how God is working in and through their ministries. These answers are taken from their June reports with their permission.

What was your greatest missional living win this month?

Scott Westfall, Missouri Valley College:

We took our summer missions guys on two trips to Mexico. One to Juarez and one to Acuna. These were very good trips for discipleship and teaching students how to be on mission not only abroad but at home as well. People need to hear the word and see it in action.

Kyle Rapinchuk, College of the Ozarks:

We have had some great opportunities to discuss racial and gospel issues with our kids and several students in the past couple weeks.

Chris Wilson, Missouri State University

I’m serving alongside of an organization called the Have Faith Initiative. This is an organization I have been personally involved in on mission with the hopes of sharing the gospel.

Levi Springfield, Missouri State University:

I had an improvised bible study with a man at a car repair shop. The guy explained that when he was younger that he would frequent bars and struggled to stay away. We had a conversation about Christ and looked at verses from The Book of Psalms and Romans. By the end of it, he ended up paying a third of our bill which was extremely kind and helpful in the long run.

Greg Xander, Truman State University

A Buddhist guy who we have known for three years has started coming to guys small group. He shared last week `I have been around spiritual people all my life back home, but I have learned more about spirituality with you guys the last two weeks than my whole life.’

Atticus Dyer, University of Central Missouri:

One of the young men who attended our church after meeting through the BSU has begun to take the Lord’s Supper in our gathering. We have had many conversations concerning his faith, and I am certain this is a win a long time coming.

Jon Smith, Missouri Southern State University:

We had good spiritual conversations with family friends during our trip to Oregon where we dropped our youngest daughter off at college and took a short vacation.

Christina Boatright, North Central Missouri College:

When making the bags to hand out around town, I was able to guide and teach my summer missions interns how to share so that they can go and do without me. This is always difficult for me because I want to be right there, but I know that letting them do things themselves helps them to grow. Although nervous, they did a great job in being on mission themselves.

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University:

Each of the villages makes a point of prayer walking the neighborhood where the group meets. One of the villages has also sent a couple of prayer walking teams to campus to pray as well.

Brad Russell, Saint Louis University & Washington University

I was able to share the gospel with a student who we encountered last fall but never plugged in. They reached out to me and we were able to talk over coffee.

Carson Conover, Blue River and Longview Community Colleges

One of the commitments that participants in the Global Project make is to not only be in a discipleship group, but also to lead an outreach group through one of three avenues – an evangelistic Bible study, a group focused on world mission, or a study on sexual purity. The leaders I’m coaching have led those in their discipleship groups to recruit at least 10 others into these groups. Additionally, I’m still meeting weekly with a student named Noah for an evangelistic Bible study through Mark’s gospel. We’ve made it through Chapter 13 thus far.


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