Heather Murray - Washington University
Heather Murray - Washington University

Heather Murray

Washington University

Ministry: Friends of Internationals
Mission Statement:
Creating communities of faith among international students on college campuses through friendship and hospitality.
Tell us about your journey to becoming a Campus Missionary:
I first felt called to international collegiate ministry work after befriending many international students in my own undergraduate experience. I thought I would end up heading overseas as a missionary, but God has shown me the amazing opportunity to serve people from every nation right here in St. Louis where I grew up. The ministry opportunity with Friends of Internationals was shared with me by a college friend after she served as an intern with Friends of Internationsl for a semester. It’s been over 10 years now that I’ve been serving on the Washington University Campus.
What do you love about doing ministry on your campus?
Working with so many different cultures constantly challenges my brain! Haha. But I love it. It is fascinating to have my own thoughts expanded to such degrees, figuring how to understand my faith broadly enough to make it relevant to all peoples, but distinct enough that it keeps its pizazz (aka biblical relevancy) ;). I also love the people I meet, and seeing their lives change.
Tell us about yourself and your family:
Well, since I love cultures, you can rest assured that I love traveling and food from all over the world! I love cooking, collecting healthy dishes and varied cultural food philosophies. My graduate studies are in the field of counseling and education, so I quite enjoy reading, discussing and thinking in these areas from a global sort of perspective. I enjoy relaxing to some nice violin, cello, or flute nature music, playing soccer or doing yoga, and also by fiddling around with a chosen art project. Being with my close friends & family is my most treasured time.
What do you hope to see happen on your campus/within your ministry in the next few years?
I hope to utilize my counseling skills to develop some creative ways to bring more holistic ministry care and discipleship to internationals!
What are some of the things your ministry does?
Connection can happen through ministry luncheons, cultural exchange events, international wives groups, Bible studies, social gatherings and events, etc. I enjoy mentoring volunteers by building their CQ (cultural intelligence) skills and helping them discover how they can best serve the international community through the unique ways God has created them.