Alumni purchase new sound system for Rolla BSU

Just because students graduate doesn’t mean they stop being connected to their college ministry! Often, the impact goes both ways. This awesome story from Bruce Wade at Missouri S&T is a case in point. Praise God for His providence through these Rolla BSU alumni!

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The donations are wonderful, but the continued fellowship and prayer support are amazing.

– Bruce Wade, Campus Missionary, Rolla BSU

“One of the things we campus missionaries have discussed is the need to keep in touch with our alumni. This fall, at Rolla, we were reminded of just one of the reasons why it’s a good thing. The worship team, at the BSU here, had been hinting that we needed a new sound system. Finally, when they told me that several inputs on the mixer were inoperative, I asked them to do some research. They were happy to do so, and came back with a “Cadillac” package with a price to match. Thankfully, the rest of the leadership team suggested more research. When they came back with a more doable price, I agreed to create a flyer for our local churches.

The first three donations we needed for the sound equipment arrived within the first two weeks of publicizing the need: $2,600 –check #1 recent alumni couple; $1,800 –check #2 recent alumni couple; $600 –check #3 surprise supporter. For the math challenged, like me, that totals $5,000 (the total asked in the flyer). And more has come in for those needed “details”.

I haven’t done anything fancy to keep in touch with our alumni, but our recent graduates are included in a GroupMe we’ve called “Old Fart & BSU Alumni”. The title is “indelicate”, but they interact, enjoy it, and pray for me and each other. The donations are wonderful, but the continued fellowship and prayer support are amazing.”


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