Collegiate Missionaries Debrief Summer Missions, Prepare to Head to Campus

It was such an encouragement to be able to debrief with this group of our Missouri Summer Missionaries! Almost half of those who served this summer were able to join us in Jefferson City last weekend for a time of worship, reflection and preparation for what comes next.  They shared incredible stories of how God worked—both in their own spiritual growth as well as God bringing new people into the Kingdom—through their various assignments across the state.

Here are a few highlights from what they had to say about their Summer Missions experience along with pictures from our debrief time:

Thank you for having me and giving me the chance to serve God and His people. I loved it more than I ever thought possible!

Please continue to do this great work. It has been the greatest growing opportunity I’ve had over the years... Every year going in I partially dreaded it knowing I would be stretched to an extreme as an introvert, but it is always worth it for the relationships and experiences earned.

I just would like to the MBC for funding this Mission. I am so blessed to have the chance to be a part of this amazing program over the years.

I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and all the people involved to make it happen. It's truly a blessing and I wouldn't have traded this summer for anything.

Thanks for everything you have done for summer missions. This is an amazing opportunity, and it has been a pleasure being a part of it. I will pray summer missions continues to grow and that more will be discipled through it.

Most of the Summer Missionaries said that it was rough. Satan really tried his hardest to get to all of us BUT GOD! God always prevails and always has the upper hand. From looking at everything that happened this summer and seeing 20 kids saved at Crossroads Baptist Association camps and one give his life to the Ministry, we can see that God works through the valleys that we go through and can bring those valleys up into mountain tops.

MBCollegiate Summer Missions 2023 debrief
MBCollegiate Summer Missions 2023 debrief
MBCollegiate Summer Missions 2023 debrief

MBC, thanks for making it possible for college students to serve as summer missionaries every summer. Our goal at MBCollegiate is to disciple college students to make disciples, pursue missions, connect to local churches, and become servant leaders. Summer Missions provides a powerful context to accomplish all three!

And at the end of the summer, these missionaries return to their campuses better equipped and highly motivated to reach their own campus through their on-campus MBCollegiate ministry.


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