HLGU Partners with Baptist Association to Serve in El Salvador

HLGU partnered with the Bethel Baptist Association to send two students, Ke’lah Campbell and Hannah Schwer, on a team of 8 to San Salvador, El Salvador. The team partnered with a local church BBA has a long term relationship with. From March 13-20, they constructed a bathroom in the church, conducted house visits to congregants, and shared the gospel among the locals.

When Campus Missionary Titus Vester asked Ke’lah Campbell what she learned about missions and evangelism, she shared, “There’s not just one time frame of sharing. Whether in the airports, or just driving, evangelism can happen any time.”

She also saw God’s ability to work despite the language barrier. While sharing her testimony with a man through a translator, the man began to cry. She told me how she was sharing her testimony with a man through a translator and while she shared her story the man began to cry because he related to her story. “I’m a perfectionist,” says Campbell, “but I realized when I’m sharing my story I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to share it.”

Both students are already making plans to return to El Salvador next year.

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