Internship Reflections

Travis Hamm of Collegiate Impact in a recent newsletter shared the following:

Though ministry has been challenging this school year, that does not mean that we have not seen God produce ministry fruit. One such example has been the work that God has done in and through Trey Barnett.  Trey has come to the end of his one-year Collegiate Impact Internship.  Through his internship he has been able to lead a discipleship group with students.  He has also been the key contributor in launching a new work at one of our unreached campuses, Donnelly College.

With the internship coming to a close, I asked Trey if he would be willing to share with you all that God has taught him not only this past year, but throughout his time with Collegiate Impact.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.


Internship Reflection – Trey Barnett

God has taught me many things over these last two and a half years, but the most important thing he has shown is the impact of one small yes.

A little less than three years ago I was your typical college student going through the motions. I went to school, did what I needed to do, and left. I had no interest in getting connected on campus or having any extra commitments. While on campus I met a student named Will. Will led a club on MCC Maple Woods called Christians on Campus. He had asked me if I would be interested in attending. I felt the ushering of the Holy Spirit and said yes.

After attending for one semester I was asked to lead the club since Will was graduating. I spent the semester praying whether that was the right thing to do. Once again, I said yes.

While leading the club I was blessed to find favor in the eyes of faculty and staff on campus. These relationships remain strong and meaningful to this day. During this time I met a man named Daniel who was an Apprentice for Collegiate Impact. He asked me if I would be interested in a weekly Bible study. I said yes. Daniel was incredibly instrumental in helping me build my faith and growing closer to God.

Through Daniel I met Travis, and we began meeting regularly.  Travis asked me if I would be interested in doing a one year internship with Collegiate Impact.  Once again I said yes.

Through these small yesses I gave God, I have been able to connect with over 50 students and share the gospel with 12. 
This last year has had many ups and downs, positives and negatives, as well as strengths and challenges. My internship with Collegiate Impact has helped strengthen my relationship with God, equip me to share the gospel, and shown me the value of saying yes when God says something. 


It has been a real blessing having Trey as an intern this year.  Though his internship has come to an end, Trey will be continuing to help our new Donnelly College ministry this next year while he finishes work on his Business Leadership degree.

Would you join me in praising God for His work in Trey’s life?  And I invite you to pray for the Donnelly ministry and our other Collegiate Impact ministries around Kansas City; that God would use our team to bring the hope and peace of Jesus to college students.


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