Emma Clark

Internship Reflection – Emma Clark

Travis Hamm of Collegiate Impact in a recent newsletter shared the following:

God blessed us this year with not just one intern, but two!  Emma Clark recently finished her year-long Collegiate Impact Internship. God worked in her life in mighty ways and we are excited to share some of her highlights from her time with us.  

Internship Reflection – Emma Clark

Emma Clark


There are many things to praise God for that happened over the year. Through our Bible studies, life change happened. Students overall were pretty engaged and curious about Jesus. In one group, a student even prayed to receive Christ.

In my personal ministry outside of Collegiate Impact, I was able to co-lead a college/young adult Gospel Community group at my church. I was able to witness to a student and good friend who also received Christ during one of these Gospel Communities. I am now mentoring her, she was baptized in June, and is involved in our young adult ministry this summer.

I learned overall that God can do literally anything in whatever situation. You may have heard the cliche phrase “God is bigger than the pandemic,” but I’m going to echo it. God has really worked in people’s lives even if we haven’t seen what goes on behind the scenes, even if it seems like he’s not doing anything, and you are getting nowhere. I can look back on this experience and remember that God is doing something even right now.


We celebrate God bringing Emma to intern with Collegiate Impact, and we praise Him for lives like Emily’s who have been transformed by the gospel as a result!

-Travis Hamm; Collegiate Impact-


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