HLGU Spiritual Emphasis Week Revives Students, Motivates Commitment

by Titus Vester

As the 17th annual Hannibal-LaGrange University’s Spiritual Emphasis Week comes to a close, we now celebrate that over 25 people made a profession of faith and have come to know Christ, with many others challenged into a deeper, more obedient discipleship.

After 5 years of working in Student Life at HLGU, I never thought I would see the week that we just experienced on our campus. Though we have often prayed for such things, it always seemed like a distant reality. As God moved at other universities, such as Asbury, Lee, Samford, and Cedarville, my prayer was that God would do the same here.

God did not pass us by. This week I watched as our students returned to the Lord like never before. My heart overflows with joy at the work of God within the student body; I can now resonate with the apostle John when he writes, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3 Jn 1:4).

I wanted to share 10 ways in which I saw God at work on the HLGU campus this week.

  1. Students are increasingly more committed to God’s localized church than ever before.
  2. Students are regularly practicing the spiritual disciplines as they seek to abide in Christ.
  3. Students are cultivating a special love that abounds within their communities and among fellow believers.
  4. Students are growing in a profound love for God through his Word as they no longer settle for shallow theology.
  5. Students are developing a passionate zeal for the glory of God.
  6. Students are becoming more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence as they seek him for guidance and rely on his power to equip.
  7. Students are seeking ways in which the gospel intersects and transforms their lives. They desperately want to be like Jesus.
  8. Students are holding to their biblical convictions. Once they believe something, they are fully committed.
  9. Students are unashamedly sharing the gospel. Gospel articulation is a priority among students.
  10. Students are looking to make faithful disciples of Jesus. Students regularly come along side one another to equip each other and spur one another in faithful obedience.


HLGU’s Spiritual Emphasis week was already on the calendar long before we knew what was going to happen at Asbury. But God knew. Last year we expanded from two days of chapel to additional worship nights and days of prayer which turned into a week this year. We had no idea this would coincide with awakenings popping up at universities all over the country. But God did. We concluded the week by sending over 20 students to MBCollegiate’s Whom Shall I Send Conference. We don’t know how He will stir students’ hearts for missions on their campus and abroad. But God does.

God is working in the hearts of college students here and across the country. Let us watch with faith, endurance, and expectation!




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