Saint Louis

Pray for Heather Murray – 11/15/22

Pray for two SLU international students from India who lost their lives in a drowning and an attempt at a rescue. Pray for a former WUSTL international student from Japan, now researching

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 11/1/22

Pray for my son Thomas who is very involved in music and band at his high school and our church.  Pray for strength and wisdom as he decides his career path for

Pray for Heather Murray – 10/15/22

Pray for God to continue to build my network so support can be sustained for career ministry. There is so much relationship building needed that some seasons get a bit wearisome and

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 9/1/22

Please be in prayer for a student in our ministry – Alyssa. She is a senior this year and is very nervous about going out into the world and adulting. She will

Pray for Heather Murray – 6/15/22

Pray for me as my landlord situation has become increasingly neglectful over the past few years and my apartment increasingly unsafe to live, and so I decided to move for the time

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 6/1/22

Pray for my father who just recently had to go into an assisted living facility. Please pray for him and my mom as they go through this transition. Did you pray for

Pray for Brad Russell – 6/1/22

Thankful to report that my Mom is home! She came home this month. We have a couple of “check-in”s with the team in Chicago, and then she will be fully released to

Pray for Heather Murray – 5/31/22

Pray for: Me as I am moving. My landlord has been extremely neglectful over the past years, so please pray for the transition and finances and what God has in store ahead!