Saint Louis

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 6/1/22

Pray for my father who just recently had to go into an assisted living facility. Please pray for him and my mom as they go through this transition. Did you pray for

Pray for Brad Russell – 6/1/22

Thankful to report that my Mom is home! She came home this month. We have a couple of “check-in”s with the team in Chicago, and then she will be fully released to

Pray for Heather Murray – 5/31/22

Pray for: Me as I am moving. My landlord has been extremely neglectful over the past years, so please pray for the transition and finances and what God has in store ahead!

Pray for Heather Murray – 4/20/22

Pray for my health.  I have been suffering with a long and annoying bout of plantar fascitis. Prayers that the exercises, etc. help recover me soon! Pray for my Mother.  She has

Pray for Brad Russell – 4/1/22

Pray for my Mother as she wraps up treatment. Pray for our ministry outreach/end of year event coming up. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 1/14/22

Pray for the the many staff, faculty, and students at MBU that love Jesus and are following him passionately. Would you pray for these believers to be bold in sharing their faith

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 12/14/21

Pray for MBU students that are wrestling with who they are and what they believe. Most do not know that the majority of our students do now know Jesus personally. Pray that

Pray for Kale Uzzle – 11/24/21

Pray for our Apprentices to have a great end to this first semester and for their discernment about the future. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let