Pray for Heather Murray – 11/15/22

  • Pray for two SLU international students from India who lost their lives in a drowning and an attempt at a rescue.
  • Pray for a former WUSTL international student from Japan, now researching in Miami, who was just diagnosed with stomach cancer after a standard medical check-up and endoscopic treatment recommended by his wife. He has suspended research and returned to Kyoto for the time being for treatment. There seems to be a high possibility of complete recovery after the surgery, as the cancer was detected while it was asymptomatic since it is undifferentiated cancer that grows quickly. He hopes to get well and be able to return to society soon, but follow-up and additional treatment would continue. He may need to consult individually with someone familiar with the reality of hospital visits and medical care in the U.S., and would appreciate any help/cooperation in such a case.


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