College Ministry

Stedman Valentine

Southwest Baptist University

Ministry: SBU D-Groups
Role: Campus Missionary
Mission Statement
We exist to present SBU students mature in Christ through student to student discipleship.
Tell us about your journey to becoming a Campus Missionary.
I became a Campus Missionary shortly after I began my role as the Campus Pastor and Director of Discipleship at Southwest Baptist University.
What do you love about doing ministry on your campus?
I love doing life with students. I love celebrating them in their victories while reminding them to be humble and give thanks to God. I love encouraging in their failures while reminding them of the grace of God. I love helping them in their weaknesses while reminding them of His strength. I love college students and am convinced God can and is doing a mighty work in their lives during this time.
Tell us about yourself and your family.
I have been married to Hailey since 2021.
What do you hope to see happen on your campus/within your ministry in the next few years?
I hope to see a pipeline of discipleship start to develop that runs from me through students leading students. I hope and pray that this will lead to revival like never before.
What are some of the things your ministry does?
We separate students into small groups in which they meet weekly. We train students to do life together in a way that would mature them, bring others joy, and bring God glory.