Summer Missionary 2023

Robert Wright

Where are you serving this summer, and who is your mentor?
Kamp Keirsey in Amsterdam, MO, with Bill Perkins
How did you first encounter Jesus Christ, and how has His lordship continued to change your life?
In my last couple of years living in Rome, Georgia, I really got to know my pastor at the time. That pastor, Phil Wad, was not only a wonderful friend, but a mentor I admired. He showed me to look deeper into the Bible rather than just skim the top like I had been previously. When I moved to Missouri, his protege, Casey Luther, continued to nurture the seed that Phil had planted. We’ve had talks about any questions I’ve had, and he always pointed me back to what the Bible said, not just something from a book or another pastor’s words. This was how I knew what I was hearing was true. Every heavy conversation answered more and more questions I had, cementing my faith, and the ones that went unanswered got Casey to ask Phil, which resulted in a learning experience for all involved. In short, I have a web of supportive men in my life to not just ground me in the faith, but guide me when I was unsure.
What does the church mean to you?
The church has been a great since of community and tether to the Word, especially in the past couple of years. I’ve known from the get go that everyone had my back if something were to happen.
As a student, how have you shared – and are currently sharing – your faith with others?
In my homeschool co-op, I share my faith experience with my classmates and we try to help each other in our journeys in christ.
What do you feel is your vocational call (future career), and how do you anticipate sharing your faith through that call?
I love language and intend on going to college to study linguistics. I would like to become a translator or English teacher abroad, which would introduce me to a whole new world and people to meet and share my faith with
Why do you want to be a summer missionary?
I have been a lifeguard at Kamp Keirsey for the past two years, and I enjoy hearing about the camper’s stories and what they have to say. Being a summer missionary this year would give me a chance to experience more of those stories, but also guide them onto the right path.