Summer Missionary 2023

Rachel Oswald

Where are you serving this summer, and who is your mentor?
Wildwood Baptist Church with Lewe Poe
How did you first encounter Jesus Christ, and how has His lordship continued to change your life?
I’ve been raised in a Christian home. I received Christ when I was young and have been striving to follow Him my whole life. I feel led to expand my knowledge and ability to reach out and share the love of God that I have experienced.
What does the church mean to you?
Church feels like my whole life. It’s fellowship and worship, a place where the body can grow together and support each other, and reach out to the world.
As a student, how have you shared – and are currently sharing – your faith with others?
I’ve been leading worship at my church and at Watered Gardens Homeless Shelter since I began high school.
What do you feel is your vocational call (future career), and how do you anticipate sharing your faith through that call?
I believe I am called to be a worship leader, or a music writer. I want to spread and share the message of Life to people who don’t have hope. I want to give others encouragement, release, and an opportunity to worship, to spend time with God.
Why do you want to be a summer missionary?
Missions is sharing the gospel. Serving as Jesus served, loving as Jesus loved. I want to be a summer missionary because I want to dive into Scripture, to grow in my knowledge, and to ultimately shine Jesus light.