Summer Missionary 2023

David Petrov

Where do you currently attend school? University of Missouri in Columbia (Mizzou)
Where are you serving this summer, and who is your mentor?
The Bridge Collegiate at Mizzou with Scott Westfall
How did you first encounter Jesus Christ, and how has His lordship continued to change your life?
My initial encounter with Jesus Christ came when I was 12. I was watching “God’s Not Dead” with my mother. Before then I hadn’t really understood much about being a Christian and Jesus, but after watching that movie, my mom and I talked and prayed for hours and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I’ll never forget how much we both cried and were so happy. He has changed my life so much. I moved to Missouri a little more than 2 years ago. God bringing me out here and getting me involved in my college ministry will helped me develop my faith and get closer with Him. I’ve done things I’ve never done before such as read my Bible every day, take notes during sermons, etc. I’ve now even started leading worship at my college ministry. It’s truly amazing what God can do.
What does the church mean to you?
The Church is somewhere I can go to get away and praise and worship God. It’s always somewhere where I can learn more about my Savior and truly feel at home. The closest feeling to what it’s going to be like at heaven. Just worshipping God 24/7.
As a student, how have you shared – and are currently sharing – your faith with others?
Sometimes, I like to share my testimony with others. Whenever I try to share the Gospel, I’ll usually share the Three Circles, because that’s what I’m most comfortable with and I feel like it’s super effective. And if they reject me, then I will be one seed planted in their mind until the next person shares it with them.
What do you feel is your vocational call (future career), and how do you anticipate sharing your faith through that call?
Right now, I’m studying to become an actuary. My father and grandfather were both pastors, however I don’t really feel called to be a pastor like they are. I believe God will use me to share my faith in the office.
Why do you want to be a summer missionary?
My concept of missions is going around the world sharing the gospel and how Jesus Christ died on the cross for them. I want to be a summer missionary to not only grow in my faith even more, but to make amazing connections, and bring more people to Christ.