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Editor’s note: this article was originally published on September 7, 2022 in The Pathway, a publication of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Republished with permission. JEFFERSON CITY – What exactly do campus ministries do

Pray for Heather Murray – 8/1/22

Please pray for a few of the people I came currently ministering to, one whom is struggling in an abusive relationship. Pray for peace and healing of the abusive situation, that the

Pray for Heather Murray – 6/15/22

Pray for me as my landlord situation has become increasingly neglectful over the past few years and my apartment increasingly unsafe to live, and so I decided to move for the time

Pray for Heather Murray – 5/31/22

Pray for: Me as I am moving. My landlord has been extremely neglectful over the past years, so please pray for the transition and finances and what God has in store ahead!

Pray for Heather Murray – 4/20/22

Pray for my health.  I have been suffering with a long and annoying bout of plantar fascitis. Prayers that the exercises, etc. help recover me soon! Pray for my Mother.  She has

Pray for Heather Murray – 12/3/21

Pray for the upcoming holiday season and the opportunities to connect the Christmas story into the hearts of international students. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let

Pray for Heather Murray – 10/15/21

Pray for a Christian Indian student who is struggling with financial stability while working on her degree. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary

Pray for Heather Murray – 9/13/21

Please pray for new relationships opportunities with students from all over world, especially from areas where the gospel is not easily heard or received. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a