Pray for Joseph Ransom – 11/13/21

Pray for me as I am currently in communication with Richwood Valley about opportunities to again be on campus or at least be able to promote the ministry even if we have

Pray for Joseph Ransom – 10/19/21

Pray for open doors and meeting places as we are still not allowed on campus but there is discussion toward allowing us on campus soon. Did you pray for these requests? Leave

Pray for Joseph Ransom – 9/23/21

Pray for our ministry.  I am still unable to meet on campus but it looks like that may be changing. OTC is loosening up its restrictions due to Covid 19 which will

Pray for Joseph Ransom – 9/2/21

Pray that I am able to more effectively balance my MSU work with my OTC Richwood Valley and Glendale High School ministries/jobs. Did you pray for this request? Leave a comment below

Pray for Joseph Ransom – 8/11/21

Pray that I will continue to recover from surgery with little or no complications and will be able to continue the physical aspects of both my work at OTC and my work

Joseph Ransom – 7/10/21

Pray for me as I will be meeting with the leadership of OTC Richwood Valley to discuss the opportunity of returning to campus in the fall. Did you pray for these requests?

Pray for Joseph Ransom – 5/21/21

Pray for guidance as to how we can better schedule/structure our school year events.  Pray for at least one other person to be able to help me on campus. Did you pray