Ozarks BSU

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 8/1/22

Pray for us as we make some changes to our ministry plan this fall. We are excited about it, but also a little fearful and hesitant after a hard season. Did you

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 6/1/22

Pray that we can find some times of rest this summer, prepare well for the next school year, and receive some clarity from the Lord about life in general. Did you pray

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 5/1/22

Pray for this summer to be one of refreshment and rest. We’ve been pretty worn down this year and need true rest. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 4/1/22

Pray for our students. This year has been one of enormous change and challenge on our campus. College of the Ozarks is currently hiring a new president, and feelings are universally strong

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 1/22/20

Pray for the campus of College of the Ozarks to experience deep growth in relationships with God and with one another. Pray that God will raise up new leaders and help us

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 12/21/21

Pray for wisdom as we manage a very full schedule.  This fall, all of the activities that used to fill up our schedule came back in full force, plus some new ones.

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 11/22/20

Please pray for our planning for next semester. We are uncertain exactly what it needs to look like. We are still finding our way in this strange time during COVID but when

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 10/22/21

Pray for wisdom for our ministry structure and activities moving forward. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary know that you prayed for them.

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 9/23/21

Pray for the consistent involvement of our students. Although our gatherings have had far fewer in number than years’ past, I feel like they have been very Christ-centered, Biblically rooted, and faithful