North Central Missouri College

Pray for Christina Boatright – 7/1/22

Pray for my dad who was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer, which is the result of being in end stage prostate cancer.  My dad is terminally ill, and we would appreciate prayers

Pray for Christina Boatright – 6/1/22

Pray For: My dad was diagnosed with bone cancer- it’s been found in his ribs, joints and spine. This was not the news we were hoping for but God is helping us

Pray for Christina Boatright – 5/1/22

Pray for Jordan Jenkins- my summer missionary this summer, that the Lord uses him powerfully. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary know that

Pray for Christina Boatright -4/1/22

Pray for my Dad – his doctors believe his cancer is back, but figuring out where and next course of actions is what we are in need of prayer for. Pray for

Pray for Christina Boatright – 1/24/22

Pray for: – My brother (don’t wanna give too many details) -Kendall as he is a new believer that we disciple him well -Pray for Delaney as she steps up in leadership

Pray for Christina Boatright -12/16/21

Pray as the new year comes that Covid won’t restrict travel as much so many students can more freely share the gospel everywhere. Pray for Aubrey Burns as the doctors figure out

Pray for Christina Boatright – 11/30/21

Pray as we continue to grow that God provides workers, I’ve been so busy it’s been intense, good, but intense and I need more help. Pray for all the students this ministry

Pray for Christina Boatright – 10/25/21

Pray For: Tori is the name of the young lady who tried to take her life, please pray for her as she undergoes intense psychotherapy treatment. My dad has cancer again, pray

Pray for Christina Boatright – 9/23/21

Pray for : *Tori- mental health *Aubrey- balance *Delaney- consistency *Myself- balance and rest *My dads cancer is back please be in prayer as we deal with it. Did you pray for

Pray for Christina Boatright – 8/24/21

Pray for the new students coming in, the gospel being shared, our student leaders as they step up and for my Dad as his cancer may be back. Did you pray for