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The Bridge Collegiate Feeds 150 Japanese MO Val Students

At the end of last semester, The Bridge Collegiate Ministry at Missouri Valley College hosted a Japan Night. Campus Missionary Marita Avilez reports, We had 8 MVC Japanese students prepared food. They

Pray for Marita Avilez – 1/20/23

We just had our first campus event as a school organization last night and it went well. The school was very accommodating and helpful. (We’ve haven’t had the best relationship with the

Pray for Marita Avilez – 11/20/22

Pray for Tanisha, a girl from Nepal, who is seeking and has started to meet with 2 of our students to go through The Gospel Primer book. Did you pray for these

Pray for Scott Westfall – 11/15/22

Pray for us as we are ending the semester by equipping students to share the Gospel. Please pray that our students would see a harvest and be faithful to have conversations. Pray

Pray for Scott Westfall – 8/20/22

Pray for us to keep trying to help students grow in their faith and being a part of Jesus mission. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let

Pray for Scott Westfall – 6/15/22

Pray for: 1 – The students who don’t know Christ that we are engaged with. 2 – Pray for our summer missionaries. 3- Pray for our new staff members and new leaders

Pray for Scott Westfall – 5/15/22

-Pray for this summer as we plan for next year and work on engaging freshmen through social media and church connections. -Pray for our work of multiplying campuses. -Pray for funding to

Pray for Scott Westfall – 4/22/22

Pray that we end well as BCM ends the semester. We are having a final service next week with a couple of finals events the next. We hope to continue discipling many

Pray for Scott Westfall – 1/27/22

Please continue to pray for our campus as we reach and disciple them with the Gospel. Pray for our summer interns as we get them signed up and assigned. Pray that we