Michael Wilbanks

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 12/14/21

Pray for MBU students that are wrestling with who they are and what they believe. Most do not know that the majority of our students do now know Jesus personally. Pray that

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 10/28/21

Pray for a heart for misions for yourself and others.  Do not be fooled that missions is something that is only done overseas. Mission work is where the follower of Jesus is…when

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 9/22/21

Pray that the MBU would be known as a disciple-making place, equipping and encouraging people to personally and passionately follow Jesus. I am trying to figure out if that is what our

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 7/1/21

Please join me in praying for our endurance as we equip our believing students to reach our students that are not yet followers of Jesus. We have been modeling ministry with our

Pray for Michael Wilbanks – 6/11/21

Pray for us as we develop our vision for the university this next school year. I desire that we in leadership would be personally and passionately following Jesus, making his name known