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Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 9/24/21

Pray for the growth of our ministry.  We are down to one student right now that is coming on a regular basis. Please pray for us to do whatever it takes to

Pray for Jason Yarnell – 8/27/21

Pray for continued diligence in follow up and a greater urgency to share the gospel. Did you pray for this request? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary know that

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 8/19/21

Pray for my health I have had a very rough time this last few months. I have asthma and my insurance company decided to have me try another medicine before approving the

Pray for the Toolens – 6/17/21

Pray for: Safe travels for Tim when he goes to Salt Lake City the last weekend of this month. While he is gone, our 3 kittens will be having surgery to get

Pray for the Toolens – 5/17/21

Please be in prayer for our five students that have graduated. They have to adult now and that can be very scary. Pray that they will go off and be the best

Prayer Requests
Teresa Toolen

Maryville University Requests (November)

Pray for some of our students who are struggling with this new normal of college. Pray for all the students as they are trying to do the best they can in this