Pray for Jon Smith – 9/20/22

Pray that we would be innovative and effective as we look for new ways to engage our campus with the gospel. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to

Pray for Jon Smith – 8/18/22

Pray for our son Thomas who has started his freshman year at Waterloo high school. He is very involved in the band. Please pray that he has a great year and can

Pray for Jon Smith – 6/21/22

Pray that God would bless the student leaders in our ministry this summer with a vision and passion to reach our campus that would be contagious when they return. Did you pray

Pray for Jon Smith – 5/21/22

Pray for me as I’ll be leading a team from our home church on a trip to Tanzania from May 22-June 6. Unfortunately, three of our team were dropped today after testing

Pray for Jon Smith – 10/22/21

Pray for our Core Team. They’re hanging on by a thread right now. Tired and unmotivated, they’re leading from loyalty and responsibility, not passion or desire, and the next generation isn’t ready

Pray for Jon Smith – 10/6/21

Pray for our Core Team as we work towards identifying and training up new leaders. Did you pray for this request? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary know that

Pray for Jon Smith – 9/1/21

Because of the gap we formed over COVID, the leaders I have now are all on their second year of leadership and their honestly a little frazzled. Pray for their strength, passion

Pray for Jon Smith – 7/16/21

Pray that I’ll be able to finish my book before the school year starts and that the Lord will give me wisdom regarding the publication process. I think I can write fairly

Pray for Jon Smith – 5/17/21

Pray for our MBC summer missionaries and those serving outside the MBC – that God will use this summer to work in their lives and draw them closer to Him as He

Pray for Jon Smith – 4/22/21

Pray that we would hold strong to the end of the year. Distractions are plentiful right now, as they always are in the spring. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a