Jerome Stockert

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 12/2/21

Pray for our spring semester. We want to beef up or evangelistic events and our student leadership of them. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 10/5/21

Pray that our future leadership team continues to form and develop. We are praying for a solid group of freshmen that can really bring the ministry to the next level. Did you

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 8/30/21

Pray for our follow-up procedures. We have several new names and contacts and I want to make sure we follow up well with these students. We do have a system in place.

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 8/5/21

We have been doing a lot of outreach and contacting already. Pray that we have many of our freshmen contact decide to take root in the BSU and our local churches as

Jerome Stockert – 7/8/21

Pray that we connect with as many incoming freshmen as we can. We have had area churches and parent connect with us regrading incoming freshmen. That has been good. Currently we are

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 6/1/21

Pray for our summer events and opportunities. Pray that God will provide regarding us connecting with the new incoming freshmen. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a word of encouragement in

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 5/10/21

Pray that the BSU is given the campus list of contacts for the freshman that will be coming to campus this fall. We have requested it and are awaiting a response. Did