Clint Mahan

Pray for Clint Mahan – 6/1/23

Pray for our ministry as I have 5 international students already asking to move asap into this old ministry house that I was able to purchase close to the campus. It needs

Pray for Clint Mahan – 2/20/23

Pray for our partnership with Freshwater this Thursday night in hosting a worship and prayer gathering in conjunction with a livestream at the Asbury Jesus revival. Did you pray for these requests?

Pray for Clint Mahan – 1/1/23

Pray for our big Super Bowl outreach character breakfast on February 7-13th. Pray for details and sales and people in attendance who will hear the Gospel and several personal stories from some

Pray for Clint Mahan – 11/1/22

Pray for open doors with basketball teams, golf and softball teams on campus. We are needing to get scheduled short team times to share what we hope to have available for the

Pray for Clint Mahan – 10/1/22

Pray for discernment and wisdom in meeting with a few local alumni and volunteers and church people for future partnerships and involvement. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below

Pray for Clint Mahan – 9/1/22

Pray for wisdom as I make decisions for this semester.  I am considering an intern as I need desperate help with so many open doors and opportunities to pursue and need some

Pray for Clint Mahan – 3/21/22

Pray for our ministry as we are starting a football study on Friday afternoons this week at Lincoln.   Pray for us also as we begin to prepare for a praise and worship

Pray for Clint Mahan – 2/22/22

Pray for our upcoming MBC student retreat and then a Spring Break mission to LA from March 5-12. We are also waiting to hear back from a few coaches about team building

Pray for Clint Mahan – 12/24/21

Pray for continued healing of my hip and insurance claim for head on car accident that had some untruthful items from the other party. Pray for my meeting with various coaches in

Pray for Clint Mahan – 10/27/21

Pray for my hip strength and eliminate crutches as well as housing for the future. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary know that