Christina Boatright

Pray for Christina Boatright – 10/25/21

Pray For: Tori is the name of the young lady who tried to take her life, please pray for her as she undergoes intense psychotherapy treatment. My dad has cancer again, pray

Pray for Christina Boatright – 9/23/21

Pray for : *Tori- mental health *Aubrey- balance *Delaney- consistency *Myself- balance and rest *My dads cancer is back please be in prayer as we deal with it. Did you pray for

Pray for Christina Boatright – 8/24/21

Pray for the new students coming in, the gospel being shared, our student leaders as they step up and for my Dad as his cancer may be back. Did you pray for

Pray for Christina Boatright – 7/26/21

Pray for my family who are still grieving the loss of my aunt. My parents health is not good and a lot is ahead regarding more surgeries and tests. Pray for Tori,

Pray for Christina Boatright – 6/21/21

I have COVID despite being vaccinated 3 weeks ago. Also the girl who lives with me, Aubrey, has it as well (they think we got it from the youth camp Aubrey was

Pray for Christina Boatright – 5/20/21

My friend from high school died of what looks like suicide yesterday (5/19/21). Pray for his family. He was only 33. My parents health is still declining which is stressful for me

Pray for Christina Boatright – 5/1/20

My dad’s cancer may be back. They are running more tests. He has had a tough 5 years of this battle. My Aunt Lisa is terminally ill with cancer that has spread