Christian Challenge

Pray for Paul Damery – 12/17/21

Pray that as students scatter for Christmas break that they’ll be bold ambassadors for Christ. And pray for safe travels and a movement of the Holy Spirit among a group of 10

Pray for Paul Damery – 11/22/21

Please pray that we will finish the semester strong: making sure to be sharing the Gospel with relational contacts we have been building all semester. Did you pray for these requests? Leave

Pray for Paul Damery – 11/5/21

Pray for us as we have had several non-believers regularly attending our weekly gatherings and participating in various capacities. Pray that we’ll be faithful to love them well and that, in the

Pray for Paul Damery – 9/27/21

Pray that we will be faithful in sharing the Gospel with nonbelievers and that our Life Group leaders will remain encouraged and excited about investing their lives in leading their small groups.

Pray for Paul Damery – 8/20/21

Pray for our team of leaders as we kick off a new semester of ministry on campus at Missouri Western. We’re praying for lots of Gospel appointment opportunities and that we’ll meet

Pray for Paul Damery – 7/10/21

Pray for our student leaders to get refreshed and excited for fall ministry outreach on campus. Also, please pray for our campus as there is still much transition going on there in

Pray for Carson Conover – 6/7/21

Pray for the Lord to equip Brent Masters to be an effect Campus Missionary at Blue River and Longview Community Colleges in the year ahead. Pray for the 27 students and 4