Truman State BSU Ministers to International Students while Feeding the Hungry in Minneapolis

MBCollegiate Ministry: Truman State BSU

Campus Missionary: Greg Xander

Mission Trip Dates: March 10-15

Destination: Minneapolis, MN

Partner Organization(s): FBC Memphis, Missouri

# Students on Trip: 20

# Nonstudents on Trip: 5


What did your group do during the mission trip?

We helped a food bank several times sorting tons of food (literally). We helped an organization that puts together meals that get shipped internationally. We helped a global health mission organization to organize medical supplies that have been donated in their warehouse. And we helped a nonprofit organization that feeds international families with moving their offices around.



Tell us a bit about how God worked on your trip.

A huge part of our spring break trip every year is in bringing international students with us who don’t know Jesus. We ask our churches and alumni and friends to provide scholarships to pay for their way. This is an opportunity to influence their life for a whole week because of the time we are spending together and the worship and devotions we do every evening.

It was wonderful helping feed so many people locally across the ocean through meals that we packed and medical supplies, but it was also an incredible week because we probably had the most spiritual conversations we’ve ever had on a mission trip.

As the week went on, students who didn’t trust Jesus were being moved. These moments were adding up to where students were sharing openly that they were having to think differently about what they believe and to consider Jesus and just who He is.

At the end of the trip, a Muslim girl shared “I really like that. I just really like that!” We had just shared that every other religion tells you what you need to do to get to God or heaven or enlightenment, but Jesus is the only one that says this is what God did to get to you! Later, another Muslim friend shared “I was raised in a very forceful stern religion, and this week has really moved me. I am becoming more open to what this Christianity is all about and how much it is about love.”

What growth or impact have you seen on your students since the trip?
The work after Spring Break has been wonderful as our students reach out to the international students who came with us to keep the conversations going and put the Scriptures in front of them. We keep praying for them, that they will hear His voice, see Him through others, and come into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

For our believing students who went, the trip helped them be more aware of international students and how to reach them. It reinforced the message of intentionality—we cannot expect God to magically do everything; He wants to use us.


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