College Ministry

Greg Xander - Truman State University
Greg Xander - Truman State University

Greg Xander

Truman State University

Ministry: BSU – Truman State University
Lead Campus Missionary
Mission Statement:
We want to be a voice of hope, to be known for love, and to live faithful lives, so that the message of Jesus could be known in every corner of this campus… To be a voice of hope in the wilderness.
Tell us about your journey to becoming a Campus Missionary:
As a student at Truman, I saw God in the lives of so many other students who were a part of this community, the BSU. It led me to want more in life for myself and for others in HIM. Ever since then, I have longed to see in college students, life erupt and person by person, life by life, heart by heart, soul by soul, to see the love of HIS Son Jesus prevail in our hearts and set us all free to live.
What do you love about doing ministry on your campus?
Almost our entire college student body lives within 8 blocks of campus. I love how much interaction we get to have through walking with students, having them over to our home, and creating a place called home here for them.

Tell us about yourself and your family:
I have two kids, Lauren and Caden, and one wife, Stacey (it has worked well that way). We are a mess! But just trying to become less of a mess in HIM. We love to be outside having fun with friends and we love watching movies together as a family with popcorn!
What do you hope to see happen on your campus/within your ministry in the next few years?
To help so many of us begin to see the world as “us” rather than “us vs. them”. I believe how we communicate is so central to helping others hear the message of Jesus and his love for them. Our prayer is that every student who has an encounter with a follower of HIS Son Jesus would be so overwhelmed by our love for them that they would just want to know more, experience more, have more. That they would come to know the love of HIS son Jesus, and that religion would never rule over them again…but that love would prevail.
What are some of the things your ministry does?
Fuel is a weekly student worship service that is very student involved from the worship band to the speakers that night, to it all.

The guys and gals have a men’s and women’s ministry small group that continues to make a place where everyone belongs as they share the hope and message of Christ in sharing together the scriptures.

We sponsor a Compassion International child (Angel) so it is wonderful as our Service/Outreach Team facilitates events and ways we can all serve to help him and help students on our campus connect to the good we want to be about here for HIM in every way.

We are also like R &D, research and development. So that means sometimes high risk and low returns on ideas we share and run with, but it also means high returns sometimes. To this we continue to just create futures here; Christ on the Quad (where we pull in other campus ministries to – together – have a concert in the middle of campus with the music of worship), Interfaith panel nights (where we are continuing to build friendships and opportunities to share hope with our Atheist friends, Muslim friends, Hindi friends), and more. But what is underneath all of this is discipling that is not in front of a microphone or on a stage, that is happening in so many ways and places to help students not just know love…but know love in HIM.