College Ministry

Bob Curtis

Mineral Area College

Ministry: Mineral Area Collegiate Ministry
Mission Statement:
The Mineral Area Collegiate Ministry exists to build the spiritual lives of those who know Christ and to seek to reach those in need of Christ.
Tell us about your journey to becoming a Campus Missionary:
The Collegiate Ministry is part of my call as Director of Missions for Mineral Area Baptist Association. It excites me that this opportunity has been added to my ministry calling.
What do you love about doing ministry on your campus?
I love interacting with students as well as faculty in seeking to find where God is at work and joining Him.

Tell us about yourself and your family:
I am married to my wonderful wife Debbie. We have two children and four grandchildren.
What do you hope to see happen on your campus/within your ministry in the next few years?
My goal is to see God glorified in the Christian students that God allows me to interact with. My goal is to establish an ongoing ministry on campus that would grow numerically and spiritually in the coming years, as well as having a greater impact in the lives of those students who pass through the doors of Mineral Area College. I am also praying that we can impact and minister to the faculty there as well.
What are some of the things your ministry does?
We plan Bible studies and special events. We plan special activities around Orientation time with new students.