Missional Living Wins July 2020

Each month, our Campus Missionaries fill out reports on how God is working in and through their ministries. These answers are taken from their June reports with their permission.

What was your greatest missional living win this month?

Scott Westfall, Missouri Valley College:

Taking students pastors and family on 4 mission opportunities.

Kale Uzzle, University of Missouri – St. Louis

I’ve been having good conversations with the administrators at UMSL about what the Fall is going to look like and it’s been great reconnecting with them.

Aaron Werner, Crowder College:

We’re in the process of revamping our Disaster Relief ministry at the Association. I’m able to help spear head this. One of my goals is to have a unit that suits more of the college aged people in our area, where we can almost be self sustaining on a call out or even on a mission trip. The trailer would have tools, a shower, washing capabilities, and more. By taking some of the feeding items with us we can feed ourselves too. I’m excited to see how this comes out.

Chris Wilson, Missouri State University

We continue to help pass out food with homeless. We’re starting to see relationships form

Levi Springfield, Missouri State University:

I have moved in with one guy in our ministries. I have been pouring into him and helping him to get to bed at a reasonable time, cook for his grilfriend, and be in the Word daily. I have also been inviting those I see on a daily basis (Taco Bell, Gast Station, etc.) to church with me and buying lunch for them after to get to know them more.

Reese Hammond, Southeast Missouri State University:

I met a college student while doing a hobby and he got plugged into our men’s lead team bible/book study and has been wrestling through following Christ in his life. Lord willing he will come to true faith in Jesus soon

Greg Xander, Truman State University

One of our Buddhist friends keeps coming to our guys group and worship night and then hangs out with them after and during the week. We are praying for him and keep trying to love and serve him. 

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University:

We’ve been prayer walking on campus in preparation for the fall semester, praying for a movement of God.


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