Springfield BSU Partners with Montana Tech BSU, Student Comes to Christ

MBCollegiate Ministry: Springfield BSU   

Campus Missionary: Chris Wilson

Mission Trip Dates: January 8-15, 2024

Destination: Butte, MT

# Students on Trip: 3

# Nonstudents on Trip: 2

Organization(s) Served: Montana Tech University BSU

What did your group do during the mission trip?

We helped to launch the BSU’s spring semester by going on campus and building relationships with the students. We did this by going to the cafeterias and student union. We also helped serve the church by cleaning up as well as setting up for the nightly events they had all week.

Any noteworthy decisions (salvations, baptisms, life transformation, etc.)?

A kid named Luke came to know Christ as a result of our ministry there

What was one way you saw your group grow through this trip?

They became more comfortable having spiritual conversations with total strangers. So much so that they wanted to do this at our campus as well.

Student Quotes

Corey E: My life has gotten so much better since then. I truly think as my first missions it was a catalyst for me surrendering my life to Christ and truly trusting in His plan. It was truly an experience I don’t regret at all. It makes me want to share the gospel in my home and even in Springfield. It was truly a blessing going on that trip. My life is just a sacrifice to Christ, and it all started with that trip.

Isaac B: I got the opportunity to witness and talk to several students at Montana Tech University and even invited a student to the BSU who was saved.


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