Central BSU Students Divide & Conquer Little Rock and London for Spring Break

MBCollegiate Ministry: Central BSU

Campus Missionary: Jerome Stockert

Mission Trip Dates: March 2-9, 2024

Destination: Little Rock, Arkansas & London, England

# Students on Trip: 8 (Little Rock); 6 (London)

# Nonstudents on Trip: 1 (Little Rock); 1 (London)

Organization(s) Served:

Little Rock: Camp Paron, LR BCM, Calvary Baptist Church, Hillcrest Community Church, Parkway Place Baptist Church

London: Kingston University, Brunel University, Uxbridge College, Gunnersbury Baptist Church

What did your group do during the mission trip?

Little Rock: Service projects, evangelism with the campus ministry, prayerwalking, camp work day, evangelism training, sight seeing

London: Evangelism, prayerwalking, sight seeing, evangelism training

Student Quotes

“Getting to share the gospel and be on mission with my brothers and sisters—I think that’s what I want all of life to be like.” Maddux H. (London)

What was one way you saw your group grow through this trip?

I asked the teams this question, “What did God teach you about yourself while being on this mission trip?”

Austin S responded with this: “I have so much joy when I’m working with my bros and sisters to spread God’s gospel and love to the lost. I’m unstoppable when I’m obeying Jesus.”


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