Disaster Relief Job Description

Job Overview

We are seeking dedicated and hardworking students that desire to grow themselves professionally, personally, and spiritually. In this position, you will be expected to be a flexible team member for ten weeks. This is a traveling internship, and our team will deploy as needed. In the past our interns have worked at disaster sites in Missouri, Colorado, Connecticut, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and many more! Students will serve others by learning the primary areas of disaster relief: chainsaw, flood recovery, mass feeding, childcare, shower trailers, etc. During the time students are not deployed they will return to Jefferson City to rest and maintain equipment.

Intern reports to:

Disaster Relief Collegiate Coordinator

Intern Qualities and Responsibilities:

  • Disaster Relief Interns are to be flexible, organized, and ready to deploy in less than 48 hours.
  • Students must be teachable, open to constructive criticism, and participate in leadership building activities. 
  • Students are responsible for keeping equipment maintained and organized.
  • Interns are able to be a part of a larger organization, working well with their teammates, supervisors, and those we are helping. 
  • Interns are expected to attend all trainings and debriefings.

Student Qualifications:

  • We prefer that students have completed at least one year of higher education (University, Trade School, etc.)
  • We prefer students have a valid driver’s license.

Job Limitations:

Let it be understood that the mental and physical health of our interns is a priority. Using heavy equipment, sometimes intense manual labor, long work days, and emotionally high crisis situations are common within disaster relief and students need to know and abide by their limitations.