October 1, 2022

Pray for Brent Masters – 10/1/22

Pray for us as we are raising up leaders to take on different campuses in the KC metro area so that we can strategically reach college students with the gospel! Did you

Pray for Greg Xander – 10/1/22

Pray for so many who are so trapped in Hinduism, Islam, and just their own pride – making it all about them – that God would keep moving and that we would

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 10/1/22

Pray for wisdom moving forward. We are trying to set up our ministry for long-term success, but we live in a significantly different world (post-COVID, Gen Z, etc.), which creates new challenges

Pray for Clint Mahan – 10/1/22

Pray for discernment and wisdom in meeting with a few local alumni and volunteers and church people for future partnerships and involvement. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 10/1/22

Pray that we continue to be used to transform the UCM campus by the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Pray for those working through their calling to vocational ministry. Pray for

Pray for Paul Damery – 10/1/22

Pray for us (students and staff) to grow in our love for taking the Gospel to campus. It’s easy to enjoy our community, but we need to constantly keep our focus turned