September 1, 2022

Pray for Christina Boatright – 9/1/22

Pray for: My dad- his cancer is doing as good as can be expected at this point- treatment seems to be helping to slow it down but he is having serious and

Pray for Greg Xander – 9/1/22

Pray that so may would continue to love and support this group of missionaries on this campus we love. We need so many prayers and so much encouragement and just support all

Pray for Aaron Werner – 9/1/22

Pray for us as we have hit a home run for serving students each week. Please pray about how we can best use this for the kingdom. We have hit a home

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 9/1/22

Please be in prayer for a student in our ministry – Alyssa. She is a senior this year and is very nervous about going out into the world and adulting. She will

Pray for Jerome Stockert – 9/1/22

Pray for an abundance of connections and gospel appointments. Pray as we continue to seek to connect well with the international community. Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 9/1/22

Please pray for the continued spiritual growth at College of the Ozarks. This year has seen students more open to the gospel and desirous of relationships, discipleship, and more. Did you pray

Pray for Clint Mahan – 9/1/22

Pray for wisdom as I make decisions for this semester.  I am considering an intern as I need desperate help with so many open doors and opportunities to pursue and need some

Pray for Reese Hammond – 9/1/22

Pray for God to continue to raise up laborers at SEMO and especially out of international students Did you pray for these requests? Leave a comment below to let the Campus Missionary

Pray for Paul Damery – 9/1/22

Pray for more opportunities for our leadership team to connect with freshmen. We’ve had new students getting involved, but most are not freshmen and we have a burden to reach students during