June 1, 2022

Pray for Tim and Teresa Toolen – 6/1/22

Pray for my father who just recently had to go into an assisted living facility. Please pray for him and my mom as they go through this transition. Did you pray for

Pray for Brad Russell – 6/1/22

Thankful to report that my Mom is home! She came home this month. We have a couple of “check-in”s with the team in Chicago, and then she will be fully released to

Pray for Kyle Rapinchuk – 6/1/22

Pray that we can find some times of rest this summer, prepare well for the next school year, and receive some clarity from the Lord about life in general. Did you pray

Pray for Christina Boatright – 6/1/22

Pray For: My dad was diagnosed with bone cancer- it’s been found in his ribs, joints and spine. This was not the news we were hoping for but God is helping us

Pray for Greg Xander – 6/1/22

Pray for us to keep trying to be know by love to our campus. Pray for us to be a voice of hope with our conversations and meals and events we are