Leadership Development Wins July 2020

Every month, our Campus Missionaries fill out reports on how God is working in and through their ministries. These answers are taken from their June reports with their permission.

What was your greatest leadership development win this month?

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University

At the end of last week, we had a meeting with student leaders where we began to map out some specific plans for fall welcome weeks. It’s been such a challenge to make plans in the constantly changing landscape of COVID19, and I’m really encouraged by the ideas our leaders came up with: walking, running, disc golfing, hammocking, and crafting clubs that meet at specific times throughout the first few weeks as opportunities to connect with new students in smaller groups than our normal gatherings from past years (sand volleyball, etc. which are not possible this year).

Christina Boatright, North Central Missouri College

My summer missionaries and myself went and shared the gospel among the homeless in KC and watching them take the initiative to start conversations with people about Jesus with out prompting from myself is a win in my book

Greg Xander, Truman State University

A young alumni we have been discipling and loving since graduation for 5 years is back in Missouri and has been driving up from KC to volunteer his time to help us keep growing ways to engage our campus with videos and technology. We get to keep discipling with him, now in person more, and just love how all the cumulative time sharing together is just not only getting to see him love and serve others, but is serving here even. 

Reese Hammond, Southeast Missouri State University

We’ve been attending pastor’s meeting for our Assocation and our students have begun speaking up and out about the topics of each meeting. They are growing in confidence!

Levi Springfield (apprentice), Missouri State University

It has been in talks for me to lead the college class at my church. It’s been a great opportunity and I have already been helping a lot with the dynamics of the class and have met with everyone in the class and talked to them. 




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