Prayer & Praises from July 2020

Each month, our Campus Missionaries fill out reports on how God is working in and through their ministries. These are requests from their reports they have asked us to share publicly.

BIG PRAISE! Reese Hammond and his wife, Lisa, welcomed healthy twin boys into the world on July 29th. 

Scott Westfall, Missouri Valley College:

Our school Got a new chaplain and he is awesome. I am excited to partner with him this summer. Thankful for all the successful trips we had doing kingdom work this summer. Please pray for our students and Campus at Missouri Valley as we get ready to ramp up ministry.

Kale Uzzle, University of Missouri St. Louis:

Please pray for a speedy release of plans for UMSL’s reopening so we can start to make a plan of our own and for ways to meet incoming freshmen in this unique time.

Kyle Rapinchuk, College of the Ozarks:

Please pray for wisdom as we make changes for the fall semester. Pray for the health of our family and campus. Pray for the hearts and minds of students to be ready for change and embrace it as opportunity.

Aaron Werner, Crowder College

Pray for the reopening of our public school. My wife is a building secretary and thus will be on the front lines of everything. Both my girls in college and my son will enter his sophomore year.

Chris Wilson, Missouri State University

Pray for our welcome week events that they would help connect students to the ministry.

Levi Springfield, Missouri State University:

One student in our ministry struggles with hardcore anxiety. Prayers that he may be able to relax in Him and not in his own strength

Reese Hammond, Southeast Missouri State University

Please pray that we wisely plan our new schedule for the Fall, especially concerning our supporting churches.

Greg Xander, Truman State University

Pray for our guys group, supporting students in their walk with HIM, how to keep engaging so many who are lost without the message of Jesus.

Timothy & Teresa Toolen, Maryville University:

We are looking to get out house on the market at the end of this month or early next month. Please pray that this goes smoothly and that we can find a house that we want to buy in Columbia or Waterloo. Since houses are going so fast (right now in 3 days normally) selling our house will be great but getting another one will be the challenge.

Atticus Dyer, University of Central Missouri:

Pray for Jerome Stockert as he takes over the ministry at Central BSU. Pray that hundreds of students will be made into disciples. Pray that souls will be saved through his ministry this year. Pray that BSU leadership will embrace and follow Jerome’s vision for Campus ministry

Christina Boatright, North Central Missouri College:

Pray for my hand I’m in danger of getting corporal tunnel in my wrist, currently I am battling through a painful tendinitis in my wrist i have to type with my left hand only now. Pray for the fall semester trying to plan without a plan!

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University:

Praying for wisdom about honoring campus’ tough stipulations for RSOs this fall while still boldly sharing the Gospel.

Brad Russell, Saint Louis University & Washington University:

Please pray for the BCM at SLU, as like many ministries across the state. we face obstacles to ministry due to COVID restrictions this coming fall. This fall we will not be able to meet on campus. Pray we can get creative and find favor to locate an off campus location for our missional community and discipleship groups.

Joseph Ransom, Ozarks Technical Community College – Richmond

Pray for me to find a way to make better (more effective) use of the limited time I have available on campus.

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