Discipleship Wins June 2020

Each month, our Campus Missionaries fill out reports on how God is working in and through their ministries. These answers are taken from their June reports with their permission.

What was your greatest discipleship win this month?

Scott Westfall, Missouri Valley College:

So far this summer my summer missions interns have really stepped up. They have been working hard working on our church spotlights that highlight churches in our area. What I am most proud of them for is how they have said yes to every opportunity that has been thrown at them. They led the devotions every night at our mission trip and plan to lead a devotion for teens every Thursday night in July with some area outreach events in the place of church camps.

Travis Hamm, Collegiate Impact in Kansas City:

I spent an hour talking with a student who is understanding for the first time the life, love, and grace found in the gospel of Jesus. Words do no justice in conveying his excitement and joy as he shared what God has been revealing to him.

Kale Uzzle, University of Missouri St. Louis:

The conversations that are happening around justice and the image of God right now have been so steeped in potential for great discipleship. I’ve had a handful of really encouraging conversations with people who are using this moment to pursue God’s heart on a deeper level.

Kyle Rapinchuk, College of the Ozarks:

Our assistant director, Landon, relaunched our Man of God study for the summer with our friend Kenneth Ayebazibwe. Keno is married to one of the R.D. on campus, so he leads the group in person while Landon joins and hosts the group on Zoom from off campus. It has been a great way to engage male students with truths about biblical manhood as revealed in the Scriptures.

Aaron Werner, Crowder College

Our June Bible Study averaged ten students each week along with our Sunday Nights. Both events were in person with Zoom option. Our Tuesday night study is going well; one of our female leaders will be taking it over soon.

Levi Springfield, Missouri State University:

I have been cooking often and spending time praying with one of the students that I have been discipling. He has shown interest in doing campus ministry in the future. It has been a great opportunity in how to show him that campus ministry is not a 9-to-5 job but a way of living.

Greg Xander, Truman State University

We’ve gotten to engage with our cheerleaders – we’ve been invited to be a part of their cheer team private group online. We began meeting weekly with the coach, her husband and their teenage daughter, who are all are just trying to figure out who God is.

Timothy & Teresa Toolen, Maryville University:

One week for our Zoom meeting I (Teresa) met with two of our girls. It was special to be able to talk to only the girls without guys for a change. We talked about the Proverbs 31 woman. Sometimes they can’t talk so freely with guys there, so it was nice for them to express themselves with just another woman. 

Atticus Dyer, University of Central Missouri:

I began a study over the book, `Between Two Trees` and had nine people engage in this conversation

Jon Smith, Missouri Southern State University:

I had a simple conversation with a student about their social media habits – the need to recognize that how they post reflects Christ and the ministry of which they are a part. They took it well.

Christina Boatright, North Central Missouri College:

Both of my summer missionaries stepped out of their comfort zones to share the gospel door to door in the neighborhood closest to the BSU. It was new for both of them but they did a good job passing out the gospel VBS bags for children and sharing the gospel with both parents and children.

Paul Damery, Missouri Western University:

Although the pandemic has slowed much of what we would normally be able to do in the realm of discipleship, everyone has been doing a little, and together we can look back and see that the Lord is at work.

Brad Russell, Saint Louis University & Washington University:

This has been a month of investing in my summer missionaries. We are walking through Master Plan of Evangelism and The Discipleship Gospel. We have had some great conversations; seeing them grow has been really rewarding.

Carson Conover, Blue River and Longview Community Colleges

I’m still co-leading Alpha Online each week which is an evangelistic course. I have a college student who is part of the team along with me. I think this experience is valuable as this student gets to both participate in the effort and also observe how to converse with those outside the faith as they ask questions and wrestle with the weekly content.

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